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The Wise Seller Has Their Own Home Inspection

You’re selling your home, so why should you have to worry about a home inspection?

A prospective buyer will, most likely, want a home inspection. If they don’t, their lender will. You can sit back and wait for their home inspection but, if you’re motivated to sell, you might not want to rely on their home inspector to illuminate any problems.

Their home inspection could turn up something you didn’t expect. What if it’s a deal breaker?

One of the advantages when you sell your home is the emotional factor. When a buyer comes to see your home they may make an emotional connection. They’ll start to look at your home and imagine what it will be like for them when their kids are growing up, when they entertain family and friends and how they’ll celebrate the holidays. They’ll make that emotional connection, which is a tremendous benefactor for someone selling a home.

If a home inspector uncovers problems with your home, those issues can shut the emotional switch off for your prospective buyers. Suddenly, all your staging, all the time you’ve spent preparing the house to sell, comes crumbling down as they buyer looks at your home with a fresh-set of eyes that are not swayed emotionally.

The Price of Repairs and the Benefits of a Seller’s Home Inspection

Even if the buyer still wants the home, they’re sure to want the issues their home inspector discovered resolved. They may even insist that you merely compensate them in advance and allow them to higher the contractors to do the work. Now, you’re dependent on the bids they obtain to fix the problem(s). What are the odds they’ll find bids that are lower than you would spend if you hired your own contractors, or took care of the problem yourself? Slim, to none.

This is why a seller should have their own home inspection. It can save them money.

For a seller, a pre-market home inspection is the smart way to make sure you’re ready to sell.

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