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Home Inspection Services

Whether you are buying or selling a home, the first service Dinkelman Home Inspections provides is information and education. We inform about the importance of an accurate home inspection – how it will provide an honest assessment of the condition and safety of a home, and how it will help clients to avoid legal and financial entanglements. We educate about how the home inspection process can help home sellers and buyers to gain a firm footing in contract negotiations.

If you’re buying a home, the home inspection will help you determine if there are issues to address with the seller. If you’re selling a home, the home inspection will indicate if there is anything that would short-circuit the sale or call the price into question.

Either way, you want a qualified home inspector on the job. You want someone who knows what they’re looking for, who can identify problems and provide a qualified inventory of the health of the home. Strong experience and credentials are essential when choosing a home inspector. Solid references are also a big plus.

Based on extensive experience and the highest credentials, Dinkelman Home Inspections has generated those solid references because of our commitment to quality and service. Service means that we provide accurate home inspections in a timely manner. It also means that we remain available to provide information and assistance to those we serve.

With Dinkelman Home Inspections, when we say ‘available,’ we’re talking about long after we’ve conducted a home inspection, too. Sometimes years after we inspected a home, we’ll receive a call from a homeowner asking questions about the inspection or more current issues with their home. Sometimes, they’re preparing to sell a home we inspected when they first purchased the home they’re now selling. Whatever the case, we take pride in our commitment to the best interests of our clients.

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